Frequent questions:

 Can you help me to sell my motorbike?
Of course; you can leave your motorbike on our premises, or if you like we can put it on our database in order to offer it to our customers. Don't hesitate to request more information from us.

What if I'm looking for a motorbike?
 We'll find it for you thanks to our many contacts.

 How can I buy a motorbike?

You can buy it directly in our shop, where we can show it to you in great detail. If not, we can send you a wide range of information so you can make a final decision.

 How will you send me the motorbike?
You can come and collect it personally or we can send it to you through a transport agency for a fee, with the possibility of contracting transport insurance.

 Can you send me more photos of the motorbike?
Of course we can. We have very detailed photos of our motorbikes and we'll send you extensive information about the motorbike.
If you have any queries, you can send them via e-mail, or else call us by phone or visit us in our shop. We are available to help and advise you in acquiring your motorcycle.



Veteran Motors MB, specialising in motorbikes from 1920 to 1975. BMW, Harley Davidson, Indian, Norton, Velocette, Henderson, DKW, BSA, AJS
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